Rubber vs Polyurethane

RUBBER is one of the oldest forms of plastic. Rubber was discovered in the form of sap from the Hevea Tree. This milky white substance could have fallen from a cut or tear in the tree. Upon falling into a fire or on a stick that was placed into the fire, the rubber was vulcanized or better known as cooked or fused. The resultant material was dependent on how much or how little heat it was subjected to, which determined the hardness or elastic qualities of the material.

POLYURETHANE--It didn't take long to recognize this new and strange material as it made its transition from a liquid to a solid and thus started the use of the resultant material in general everyday use. As time passed and technologies grew, the uses for this material grew. It grew to such proportions that the plantations that supplied this “Natural Rubber” to its users found that the natural form was in short supply. Through chemistry and by necessity, a synthetic form of rubber was developed to ease the burden placed on the “Natural” product.